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Drift On Island

A buttoned-down brand for laid-back couture

Drift on Island clothing designs inspire a tropical vacation mood. The founder wanted her brand to take people there, too.


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“Drift is a state of mind,” our client said when we first met at her Cape Cod studio. Inspired by her couture coconut-palm hats and breezy fishnet dresses, we found ourselves drawing palm leaves by hand, in graceful curves with well-tailored stripes. We were well on our way to an identity that’s visually on-brand.

For the palette, we went with a deep, natural green, and added a pop of hot pink and a zap of electric turquoise to give the brand a touch of old-Florida deco. (The company’s other location is in sunny Boca Grande.)

To launch the new brand, we designed a simple website and a set of go-to print materials. In keeping with the company’s commitment to well-made products, we chose letterpress printing for business cards, note cards, and envelopes. 

Chelsea Combrink, Vice President

“Vervaine was attentive to every detail, from the visual look of the brand, to understanding our target market and the avenues we would be selling in. We launched with a logo that perfect fits our brand and an identity that is timeless."

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