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Cisco Brewers & Nantucket Vineyard

Wicked good cider

When our friends at Cisco Brewers were ready to brand their new hard cider, they wanted a name with an edgy bite. Malus Malum is Latin for “bad apple.” 


  • Identity
  • Packaging
  • Illustration

We love cider. So when Cisco Brewers called on us to help them design labels and packaging for their new line of hard ciders, we hopped the ferry to Nantucket and kicked off the “research” phase immediately. After several tastings (followed by a rigorous competitive analysis, of course), we dove headfirst into concepts. Inspired by 18th-century botanical drawings of apples, with their cursive captions in Latin, we evolved a label design that blends historical illustrations with a crisp, modern palette. Continuing the Latin theme, Malus Malum comes in four delicious styles ranging from Aridum (dry) to Dulce (sweet). 

No bad apples here. 

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