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Salt Block Food Truck

Locavores on wheels

With an eye-grabbing identity and a wraparound truck design, a popular local restaurant puts rubber to the road.  


  • Identity
  • Print
  • Illustration

The owners of the Cape Sea Grille, a successful white-tablecloth seafood restaurant in Harwich Port, approached us with a fun idea: create a brand identity for their new food truck. We hit the road running. 

The name Salt Block (and the tagline, “food worth its weight”) refers to a time when salt was so valuable it served as currency. The name also played off the square-shouldered shape of the truck, and we took it one step further by creating a block-shaped logo. Custom-drawn illustrations balance the angular edges with rounder, organic forms that capture the farm fresh foods featured on the menu. To really pop, we chose a cool palette of Cape Cod navy with eye-catching highlights of chartreuse and turquoise. 

If you’re driving through Harwich Port, look for the Salt Block and grab a taco for us. 

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